Friday, November 5, 2010

Fashion Blog : What To Wear To Work?

 Do you have the tendency to choose outfits that are on the top drawer over and over again just because you're too lazy to dig into the bottom part and see what's down there? I go to work five times a week and for how many weeks now, I'm kinda always wearing black, gray and brown. You see, these are safe colors for work especially if you sometimes feel sluggish about dressing up. Most especially because this batch of clothes I alternate are those that's easy to grab and wear.

However this week, maybe bit a little by holiday charm, I decided to reshuffle my outfits and these are what I found:

blue layered top with RL bag (still has black)
with my pink ukay ukay bag
with olive green N.West bag (looks dull)
or this long blouse from China (still has black,ugghh)
this dress with nice color block (from Landmark)

I also remembered I bought this boyfriend jacket. The thing with bf jackets, you have to be careful how you wear them so they won't get too sloppy especially if you're petite like me. 
I ended up with the blue spaghetti-strapped blouse, Franco Sarto bag and denim jeans because I remember it's TGIF! and I don't like to wear a dress today. Grabbed my denim trench jacket and put on a pair of good ol' 3-inch heels. Did I already mention I'm petite? These shoes are my saving grace and because I'm so used to wearing them I have a very few collection of flats. I started buying flats only when I got pregnant and it took a while before I got used to walking in them, feels like I'm tipping backwards in flats :(  I can run in heels than in flats :)

Ohrelle open-toed shoes
Off to work I go! :)

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NatureFootstep said...

I like all of it. But, of course, it depends what you work with if it suits. :)

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