Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Weekend With The Band

Last weekend, Stephen and I attended a baptism where my husband is a ninong, among other college friends. I will not tell you about the event but more of the guests. The other ninongs were my husband’s band mates back in college, he being the bassist. These guys, if you look back in college, seemed like your regular college rocker: tambay sa hallway, do nothing but play the guitar, wears their uniform differently and seemed to be drunk or something most times. It seems that all that matters to them then was music and rock and roll. 

That’s what I thought until I became the girlfriend of a rock band member and got full access into their world. 

I was practically a band aid or the stage girlfriend. Whatever label, I’m that girl that was tagged along to every gig, front act performances, band practices and band meets. I’m also the official photographer. That’s when my whole perspective of rock bands changed. They are deep thinkers and intellectual people (thus, they can create song after song), they have so much passion for music and performing (just like I used to be a theater addict), they are such fun people, in an eccentric way. Being artists, they were able to express themselves in a way they know how and where they excel. And, a real artist doesn’t have to do drugs to get his creative juices flowing. 

I learned so much about music while I was a band aid. Got associated with the words like blues, metal, punk rock, grunge, glam, etc. I learned how to listen to songs from Live (my fave band so far aside from Wolfgang), Clapton, Mr. Big, Dream Theater, The Cure, Metallica, Black Sabbath and even Cake and CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival) among other rock, blues and alternative bands. I learned to filter out each instrument (esp. the bass line) while listening to songs since my husband always asks me if I noticed an off key or beat during practice? That became useful for me when I present a new music theme to clients at work. 

Fast forward to today, these guys and all other rockers we know are successful family guys now. One has become an amazing lawyer. When he passed the bar exam, I think that’s when my husband realized they will never become a famous rock band. Haha! The others became businessmen, went into banking and finance, into film and commercials. Some continued with their passion and is getting into the music stream in New York. The dad of my husband’s new inaanak was one hell of a guitar player. He’s into real estate now and recently purchased their own home. Isn't that great news? Not only because they are our long-time friends but because I  know how they used to struggle just to get a gig in a week or a month at least, juggle school, family and love life.

They still miss playing as a band. They tried and failed all the time to do even one jam session because of schedule differences. My husband sometimes plays his bass guitar on his own but tells me it’s sad to play alone. I told him he’ll have to teach Sophie and Sam how to play the guitar because I gave up on learning the instrument a long time ago. Gladly, Sophie seem to have the interest in guitar playing. I hope she and Sam get their dad's musical talent. 

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