Monday, November 15, 2010

Hairstyle, et al.

I have been contemplating for many weeks now on a new hairstyle. Been wearing my hair long for how many months now and, it being my default hair length, I have the tendency to cut it short every now and then. My hair history so far:

My default hair, long with side swept bangs
curly hair in 2006
shoulder length with long bangs in 2009
Super short hair with long bangs in 2007

rebonded hair in 2009
So now, I'm thinking of two options: perm my hair again and add a little color different from my normal dark brown color. Like this one:
Or grow  it longer and go for dreadlocks!

HAHA! The Annie perm is really something. LOL! 
Seriously, I'm considering a long bob and maybe give my hair a break from those artificial color because I believe the current texture of my hair was due to too much hair coloring. 

I was able to visit RCBC's Brand Mania last Saturday and dropped by Park Jun's booth. I have heard nice reviews from other bloggers and friends who have tried Park Jun so I think I will visit it one of these days. I'm also thinking of getting another rebond. The one I had with Red Salon in T. Morato was a bit pricey but worth it. However, I'm thinking of volume rebond so that it's not as flat as the regular rebond.
Hay, when hair becomes an issue to women, it's a serious issue :)


Anonymous said...

Olá, obrigado por suas palavras.
Um grande abraço, parabens pelo seu blog.

kim said...

oh, you know what? you would look good in any hair style..

*MrsMartinez* said...

gusto ko un goldilocks hahaha


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