Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sophie and Sam, both being toddlers already have become so much more of my playmates. I believe that the moments we spend together clowning around, playing pretend, reading stories,etc. are just as precious and as priceless that when I get to bed at night I really thank the Lord for bringing me such joy that is motherhood.

What are the moments we enjoy together:

Sophie and Sam at Fun Ranch
1) Clowning around. I first discovered how much they enjoyed mommyclown during a thunderstorm. Both of them are really scared of thunders and lightning, they panic, cry and hide. When I saw that Sophie was starting to panic as thunder rolled, I grabbed a bunch of cotton balls, put it in my nostrils and blew it off while I made a funny face. The moment they saw the cotton balls fly off my nose, they laughed so hard they forgot about the chaos outside;

2) Playing pretend. Who doesn't love this game? Not only is it fun it also helps children develop their imagination. Sophie, Sam and I love to pretend having a party eating the yummy cakes, candies, ice cream and lemonade pictures from their story or counting books. They especially love 'munching' the pictures from Sophie's Hello Kitty counting book because it looks so delicious! Even Daddy and the yayas get to share their ice cream and lemonade :) We also like to pretend to travel. 'Take a jeepney', 'pay the (invisible) driver', go to the next room and 'take a cab' to Jollibee or McDo. When we 'get' to the fastfood, we order and eat (imaginary) meals. It's just so much fun :0

3) Sing song. Anything from Barney songs (Sam loves the elephant song), nursery rhymes, TVC (TV Commercial) jingles, Telenovela themes, Magic Sing Tagalog songs (Sophie's fave is May Bukas Pa) we would sing it! Ever since Sophie was 2yrs old she likes to mix and match songs, use the lyrics of one song with the melody of another song. She also likes to invent songs that only she can sing, sometimes I just help her with the lyrics so she can finish her song. She feels proud after finishing her composition :)

4) Shower Time. This is something that Sophie and Sam loves to do with their dad. During car wash day, Sophie and Sam loves to go out and get wet with Daddy. They both love being hosed and pretend it's rain. I have to stay dry, though, because someone has to clean the wet kids :)

the kids gave the car, the street and themselves a wash

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