Tuesday, November 9, 2010

School Hunt Part 2

The past few weeks, husband and I have been busy with school hunting for Sophie. Basically, I do the research which schools around our area have good rep (based on parenting sites, websites, etc). I already made an entry for two schools that we checked and so far we still feel we need to search more. So far, this is as much as we got:

Good Shepherd Catholic SchoolRado St., Fairview, QC. This is a traditional school, with average 25 students per class for Nursery and Kinder. One thing that got me interested in this school is that it’s a Catholic school and I, coming from one, believe firmly that children should be exposed to as much religious activities and practices because somehow it deepens their relationship with God. I want to inculcate that in my children. However, when I talked to the registrar, I got disappointed because, being a full traditional school, they’re not as accommodating and open to queries as the other schools. We weren’t even given a chance to check the classrooms saying classes are ongoing. Makes me remember how strict the nuns and school personnel in my school.

Active Thinkers -  http://activethinkerscdc.multiply.com/. this is a progressive school and just 5minutes away from home. Although it’s progressive, they also incorporated the use of some textbooks so that children will not get disoriented so much when they transfer to big schools and get a load of textbooks. It’s a small school, basically a home transformed into school. It accepts students for the toddler’s playgroup to prep level. My husband and I were able to talk to the owner teacher Lenith Nolasco and I think she convinced my husband with the progressive way of teaching. You see, my husband is skeptical that progressive school will effectively prep a child when it’s time to go to big school. We have shortlisted this school J

Kinderheim 35 Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio Heights. http://www.kinderheim.com/.
This is also a full progressive school and I was able to talk to the Asst. Directress (sorry I forgot her name) who was very patient in answering all my queries and showing me the classrooms and facilities of the school. The school looks more like your average home-turned-school but it’s really not. There’s a 3-story building with a gymnasium when you get through their one-storey homeschool. You see, Kinderheim accepts students from daycare to grade 6. This is a very impressive school, very modern-looking, clean and well maintained.

My husband and I were also able to check out Falcon Learning center again and he agreed with my worries about the security of the school. Diliman Prep was also in our list of nice schools. I got answers and a nice tour from one of the personnel but husband is worried about the location since it's on the other side of Mindanao Ave. We don't really want to stress ourselves and Sophie with that travel to school five times a day. Also, Diliman Prep is a big school and we feel that Sophie will be better off starting in a smaller school. 

So now, we're actually down to Kinderheim and Active Thinkers. Both schools told me I’m an early bird and I still have time to think so the next few weeks will be spent jotting down the pros and cons of both schools and making the final decision. Both schools also suggested we enroll Sophie in reading readiness class on summer 2011. Since next school year will be her first time to go to school summer classes will help her become oriented with school life and aid her reading skills. 


rjs mama said...

i enrolled my son in a progressive school for 2 years. now that he's 9, i am contemplating to transfer him to a progressive school

march on... said...

Kinderheim is so far the progressive school I know that caters to grade school students. I hope you are able to find one in your area. Thanks for the visit :)

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