Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shopping and Boxing Weekend

Saturday: I accompanied my husband to RCBC Bankard’s Brand Mania in Silver City Decagon in Ortigas (near Tiendesitas). This is an event for both Bankard and non-bankard cardholders. Being his even, my husband had to man the event on a Saturday and asked me to accompany him but he was worried that I might get bored.
When we got to the Silver City near Tiendesitas, my jaw dropped and I got a slight panic seeing the brands that participated: MNG, Mossimo, Terranova, American Rag, Salsa, Boboli, Skin Food, Park Jun, Lola, etc. etc.  Almost all went 70% off! After registering at the entrance, my husband practically let go of me like a child being allowed to play in the playground!
At the end of the day, I was able to buy: leather belts from Terranova, P70 each ; Skin Food hair wax P157 only ; Mossimo jeans P990 (originally priced at P2200) ; TRN kids sweaters for Sophie and Sam P300 each; Boy’s polo from Mossimo P290. I was also carrying winter boots from Angels for Sophie for how many hours because they were so cheap, only P300 but after a while I thought Sophie will not wear it because it's too hot to wear in this weather. So I dropped it with much regret. So, did I get bored? LOL. I told my husband, ‘I can stay in a mall from 9am until it closes and I will never get bored.’ J I also won a backpack from Vans during a raffle promo plus husband got a P2000 GC from ParkJun so I will definitely get that haircut I want :0
After lunch I attended a photography seminar (sponsored by RCBC also) by landscape photographer and Canon ambassador Jay Jallorina. This also kept me preoccupied because it went for about 4-5 hours. It wasn’t a technical class as I wished but somehow I learned a lot about landscape photography like what are the important elements that we need to see in a good landscape photograph. One thing nice about the seminar is that I saw amazing photos from his presentation that were taken from different regions of the Philippines and made me want to go to these places and experience nature’s wonder for myself.

Sunday: my husband subscribed to our cable’s pay-per-view for Manny Pacquiao’s fight. We invited the clan to watch the fight at home and lo and behold, the guys came marching in as early as 1030am. They definitely don’t want to be late for the fight J That was also the first time my dad visited our new house, all for a Pacquiao fight!lol. By the time the fight started (around 1:15pm) the house was jam packed with some of our relatives and neighbors already viewing it from the garden. Anyway, I’ll have to give it to Manny for being a 'class fighter'. Congrats Manny! I now forgive you over that elevator prank you gave me a few months back. One thing nice about watching it live on pay-per-view is that you not only get to see it live but also in HD resolution, with nice-to-listen-to commentators and no commercial breaks. Of course, I know I will personally benefit from the tons of commercials we have during our airing, that’s how we make money in the first place. lol! 

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