Monday, October 11, 2010

Mommy Moments - Hairstyles

Sophie, practically hairless before 1yr old

at 1 1/2 yrs old, she grew hair. we just cut her hair to give her bangs. we don't cut the rest of her hair and hoped it will grow longer.

now at 3 yrs old, she had so many haircuts already and sports long hair :)

Sam's hair is practically everywhere when he was about 6 months :)

now he sports a barber's cut and looks very much like a little big boy :)

The thing with my kids' hairstyles, I almost always do their haircut (except for Sam's barber's cut which was done by a professional). I hope that when my kids grow up and see their photos with haircuts c/o mom, they will still love me lol :)

mommy moments


Chris said...

welcome to mommy moments! glad you joined us..

you have real cute kids.. hope to see you again next week!

*MrsMartinez* said...

Ang cute ni Sam and f course ni Sophie too!

Mom-Friday said...

thanks for dropping by!
i also cut my kids' hair till they are almost 4 :))))

march on... said...

@chris - thanks for the warm welcome :) I love visiting your blog

@che- thanks. Sophie is turning out to be like you,kikay! :)

@mom-friday - thanks too! it's just more practical because there's not much to cut while they're still young :)

redamethyst said...

oh, your kids are really cute.
my son was almost hairless also when he was a baby.
Here’s my entry for Mommy moments. Entry one and two . I'm late, as usual :)

Tetcha said...

I used to cut my son's hair, too, until I accidentally cut the lower part of his right ear when he was 2 years old. Since then, I let a professional hair cutter do it. I love your daughter's bangs and your son's clean cut. I hope you can visit my Mommy Moments entry, too! Thanks!

march on... said...

redamethyst - thanks!
visited your site, too. It's such a fun site :)

Hi tetcha - thanks for the visit :)
actually, the boys are especially malikot. Not even a Barney show can keep him still so better that the professionals do it :)

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