Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Thoughts

Before I sign out for the night, I just want to share my very happy thought for today. Aside from being able to pay for the Redemption Mortgage Insurance of our house (that's the bank's cue that we're renewing our loan with them), I finally paid the last amortization of our memorial lot. After I removed the billing coupon from my booklet, this is what's on the next page :

Simply put, I'm fully paid. Yey! After 3 years, that's one financial load off our budget. 
Yeah, I know, a memorial lot? My friends call me weird but I just want to prepare for the inevitable. You’ll never know what the future holds. Plus I keep telling my husband I do not intend to work til my retirement so I’m helping him invest now and prepare for our future and for the time when he will have to work for the family J


2sweetnsaxy said...

I don't think it's odd. Nothing wrong with being prepared. Thanks for coming by Watery Wednesday. Hope you get to join next week too!

*MrsMartinez* said...

Ang aga naman preparation niyan haha But let's be practical, we will all die better to know what, where you will permanently lie di ba?

march on... said...

hi 2sweetbsaxy - thanks. love your photos, will try to join next week :)

che- that's what bam said, too early, but you know me always practical :)

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