Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pink Run: My Run #2 and Counting…

Last Sunday, I participated in the Pink Run. This event was spearheaded by Philippine Society of General Surgeons, Inc. as Breast Cancern Awareness project. There were 4 routes: 3K, 5K, 10K and 15K. I joined the 5K and was able to bring along 2 officemates with me. My first run was the Avon Run and being a first timer then I ran alone but I thought it would really be more fun to do this with friends and it was! J

Having ran two different events, here are my observations:

  1. Mc Kinley Hill is really difficult to run, for an amateur like me. I found that it’s harder to traverse the hills of McKindley than breathe the MOA sea air. I got my MOA run for 45mins but I think the McKinley run took longer;
  2. Joining a run with various routes and a run with one category are basically the same in terms of waiting for your turn to run. With several categories, unless you’re running the longest category you will have to wait for your turn. While in the one category run, you will also have to wait for your turn to run also because there’s just so many of you in one category;
  3. I like the digital meter on the finish line better than the Chrono RFID shoe tag. For the digital meter, you can immediately see your unofficial time while with the shoe tag, you will have to get your time from the database guys and, of course, you have to lineup for this. I have very low patience for lining up and, unfortunately, when it was my turn, my time was not yet registered on the database L
  4. It’s always fun to run with friends and run for a benefit! J

my first fun run. The Avon Run for Breast Cancer

my loot after the event: a non-wire skin tone bra, slippers with 3 changeable straps and so many others. good thing the slippers and bra fit perfectly :)

sophie sporting my race shirt and necklace

my race kit for the Pink Run. After the race, participants were able to get freebies from Hygienix, Medical City, Le Donne and other sponsors :)

A friend has envited me to Adobo run on October 30, 2010. This one will be a night run and will be held at McKinley also. I hope I can join this one too 


christine said...


May Unilab run sa the fort sa November 21. Join ka kasi i'll also join too. First run ko nung Oct 18 sa the fort din.. 53 mins ako....wanna beat my personal record so i'll join unilab...Sama ka!!!!

march on... said...

thanks for the invite. Will try to check the web for that. unfortunately, I can't view your profile so I'm not sure which Christine is this... :(

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