Thursday, October 21, 2010

GT - Suspense Books

The Vampire Lestat
 My suspense book/s would have to be Vampire Chronicles of Anne Rice. My personal faves are Interview with the Vampire, which was made into a blockbuster film starring my guys Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, and The Vampire Lestat. The book is far more interesting than the film, as the usual case. Even The Queen of the Damned film version of the book was so much blah.

Interview with The VampireThing is, the books delves so much into vampire history, personal experiences and battles that you can get hooked at vampire life with these books (while imagining all of them look as gorgeous as Brad Pitt J ). It’s really fascinating how Anne Rice created the plots of each and every character in the books that any other vampire books or stories will seem bland. I guess that’s why I never took any interest in the Twilight saga, no pun intended.
The Vampire chronicles is as far as I will go with Anne Rice, however. All other books were just too twisted and disturbing for my taste.

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K said...

i discovered anne rice even before i discovered stephenie meyer and must say that i still favor rice over meyer when it comes to vampire books. i loved her vampire chronicles to bits!

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