Friday, October 15, 2010

Couple's Corner - Yes Wife

Yes wife? Let me see. If he asks me, ‘do you like a 24K diamond bracelet’?, of course I would say yes! But if he says, can we buy a new acoustic guitar the price of a 24K diamond bracelet, I would definitely say, hell NO by all means! lol! Our men are sometimes our first born babies, we have to guide them and teach them the ways of the world J But we love them, anyhow (kaya nga we married them, di ba?). My husband always tells me he’s my first baby J

Seriously, I would say I was a total NO girlfriend to my busband now boyfriend then. But now we married, I do not say yes nor do I say no. I just make sure we say yes together, or no together for that matter. Of course, that doesn’t happen all the time. How can two different people, raised differently think the same all the time? The phrase Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus is sooo true in every aspect.
Whenever, there is a matter we need to decide on, we make sure to sit down and talk about the pros and cons. I’m kinda dense (as my husband would sometimes say) and being that I have the tendency to analyze (or over analyze) even the simplest matter before I decide. Good thing my husband loves me so much he understands my qualms J
I think it’s just we both value each other’s opinion; we’ve been together for so long (15 yrs and counting) that we are like the extension of each other. 

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Mommy Liz said...

wow! 15 years and counting. I always admire married couples who had been married long and the wife can still write wonderful things about their husbands. I have been around so many wives and most of the time, I hear complains about their spouses, hehehe. Don't I complain about mine too? sometimes I do, but oftentimes, I tell them how great he is. But if he asks me if I want a diamond ring? I would say YES right away, hehehe.

Compromise, understanding each other's needs and trust are essential to have a successful marriage. Saying NO somethings won't hurt. Thanks for joining our Couple's Corner. Aka..Rodliz

march on... said...

thanks mommy liz. sorry if I confused you, we've been married 5 yrs but we were bf-gf for 10yrs, thus, 15yrs :) But until now we still celebrate our bf-gf anniversary aside from our wedding anniversary. its a very special date for us :)

Soulful said...

i like what you said about 'saying yes together' for me it's the concrete manifestation of being UNITED in marriage..

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