Monday, October 4, 2010

Sam's Hat

This is morning during Sophie and Sam's book time:

Mommy (while pointing to a picture of an orange hat): Sam, this is a hat. Hat... hat.
Sophie: Sam say HAT
Sam: (stared intently at the picture, his face full of wonder)
Mommy: Sam, hat. Say hat
Sam : (once again, stared at the picture)
Then, he walked towards our brown aluminum screen down where the morning sun shines generously, touched the screen door and said:

Sam: HOT!

He then wiped his hand on his diaper (because the door is really hot that time of the day) and said again:

Sam: HOT!

Sophie, Yaya and I laughed so hard! We couldn't complain that it's HOT and not HAT. Sam, as usual, laughed with us. Haha! :)


KdBuggie Boutique said...

So funny! Babies are so much fun!! Thanks for stopping by last week and linking up!
Mingle Monday

march on... said...

Hi katy, I know aren't they the cutest? thanks too much for the link. Will visit you soon :)

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