Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Okay, my head is already spinning from looking at figures and emails galore so I'm blogging to let me off some stress (but not off the computer :) )

I just want to share that last week Sophie and I went school hunting. We went to Falcon School in Dahlia St., just a good 5-10 minutes commute from home depending on traffic on Sauyo Road. I heard good reviews about this school so it's the first thing we checked out. 
We got there at the time that flag ceremony was about to start so we parked ourselves in the waiting area and waited for the whole ceremony to finish. Sophie, seeing all the kids in uniforms was asking 'Mommy, san yung uniform ko? Bihis na 'ko (mommy, where's my uniform? i want to change). I explained that we're just there to inquire and that she can't join the kids yet. She's been eager to go to school since last year. 
After the ceremony, we went straight to the office to inquire. A nice registrar gave me a brochure showing the school's facilities, requirements, etc.  This is Sophie's first time to go to school and she's 3 yrs 9mths old now. She'd be 4yrs and 5mths by next school year. According to the requirements, nursery students need to be at least 31/2 yrs old by June while Kindergarten needs to be 41/2 by June. Now I'm torn between enrolling her for nursery or hopping kindergarten and skipping nursery altogether. I'm worried she may be too matured for nursery but that she may get overwhelmed if she goes to kindergarten sans nursery. Gosh, this is my first time to deal with my kids' schooling and I'm so worried, nervous, excited, confused, jittery and sooo amateur! I have been asking around moms with school kids and been doing some research and so far it's boiling down to Nursery first so she can get a feel of what school discipline is like and get her ready for kindergarten where kids are faced with more serious and structured curriculum. I hope I make the right decision for her. 

Anyway, my next school trip would be Diliman Preparatory School near Mindanao Avenue. Been hearing good reviews about this school also and I hope that the facilities are better. The nursery and preschool classes of Falcon is tucked away in a subdivision in Falcon St. and not in the main school in Dahlia. It's a home school, although very private I was quite bothered by the security since there is no security guard manning the school gate which I noticed was left unlocked. When I checked the interior, I didn't notice a clinic or any first aid area, is this okay? I guess they did not bother to put a clinic since the nursery is a spitting distance from FEU hospital. 

Oh well, I have 2 more school options to explore. I hope that I can finish this school hunt before the year ends. 


rjs mama said...

goodluck on your school hunting :)

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Tetcha said...

I admire you, mommy, for really taking the time out to research on the perfect school for your daughter. I'm also a first-time mom, and my son is now a pre-kindergartner. I had him start at nursery last year to see if he's ready for school; besides that's age-appropriate for him then.

march on... said...
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march on... said...

thanks rjs mama and tetcha. It's harder than I thought. My husband and I are now in the process of weighing the pros and cons. I hope we make the right decision for our daughter :0

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