Wednesday, October 27, 2010

O Christmas Tree!*

With a rather tight budget and a tighter space at home, I opted to make a small Christmas tree. I have been musing over what design style to incorporate for our decors this holiday season and I said I wanted a pink and silver Christmas tree here. But when I got to Landmark Trinoma last Saturday and was looking over the decors I thought, pink and silver would look boring with so much color options this year! So I decided to add more colors like purple, magenta, royal blue and metallic green. This is my inspiration: Moroccan-inspired colors, the color of jewels, bold, bright, exotic and exciting!

Here is my Christmas tree during it's production period:

First, I wrapped a cone-shaped chicken wire (yes, chicken wire you normally use to decorate outdoors) with glittered cartolina paper (body) and newspaper (bottom).  Initially, the paper craft was not part of the idea but not covering the chicken wire will make the tree more expensive because I have to cover up so much wire. Then, painted the newspaper pink and added christmas greetings and random paintwork on the paper. I used poster color so it's water-based and not flammable. Paint job c/o Sophie and me :)

Then, I added the lights and green garland and the decors, in that specific order.  I used a combination of purple, different shades of pink, silver and added royal blue and green highlights.

Perched it on the white table that I repainted last month to see how it looks. I added cream sequins from my craft box to add glitter especially when lighted. It's still a work in progress by Saturday. Initial cost of this tree with decors is P1,000. 

Yesterday, I went to SM The Block to buy baking chocolates and orange sugar for our community's Trick or Treat party on Saturday and chanced upon their Christmas decor. I bought teal, metallic green and more deep purple decors to add depth and highlight to my tree. This is how it looks this morning :

A little improvement, don't you think? Notice Sophie's red ball is on it too while Sam's glittered ball is inside the glass vase beside the tree naman :)

closer look at the tree. i like that the paintwork still shows somehow :)

To incorporate the theme around the house I added these small decors. Again, I recycled last year's red and gold decors and used them with my new decors. The angel and string of stars are old while the green and blue balls are new. This now hangs over my kitchen sink. 

Silver, purple and green decors on a black vase. The vase and colored glass mosaic candle holder I bought when I was still single at a bazaar.

It's a little avant-garde but I like how it turned out so far and it's been getting quite nice reviews from visitors :)

Materials Used/Cost:
Chicken wire tree, 3ft - Landmark dept. store, about P 150.00
purple, pink, silver glittered flowers - Landmark dept. store - price ranges from P29.00 to P69.00 each
blue and green balls - Landmark dept. store - less than a hundred for a set of six
indoor light - Landmark dept. store - P 169.00
green garland (no wire) - Landmark dept. store - P160.00
green butterfly/purple flower/blue - The Block Supermarket - price range P39 to P49.00
angel decor/star string - Tutuban mall, Divisoria 

* O Christmas Tree! is a old German carol.


*MrsMartinez* said...

Career na ang blogging ah! Nice that you update regularly! Kelan mo kami invite sa house mo?

march on... said...

Haha! Yes, while I have the time pa. I'll be busy in the next few months again at baka hindi ko na naman mabisita ang blog world :)

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