Friday, October 15, 2010

Christmas 2010 Decor Ideas

Excited over Christmas season so I'm sharing these photos of last year's decors :

Red Xmas balls with glittered Sophie and Sam names. My husband requested that I also make balls with our names on it. I think that will be my project this year.
We spruced up our stairs with garland and red and gold decors. Our home is smaller than the apartments we have had so I decided not to put a Xmas tree last December. 

Then, two days ago, I brought our garland and decors outdoors. I guess I just got 'umay' with the decor since it'e been our theme for 3 consecutive Christmases. 
a work-in-progress outdoor decor

See? These red and gold decors were on our 2008 white Xmas tree. 
these angel decors are made of wood (for the head) and metal (body) so they're very sturdy :)

all decors and the Xmas tree bought from Tabora, Divisoria . White Xmas tree (6ft.) for P600.00

This year, for our indoor decors, I'm thinking of a theme that has cool color scheme like blue and silver with purple highlights. Whatchathink? It's time to schedule that Divisoria trip :)


*MrsMartinez* said...

Ako I used to have all red theme. This year I started putting in a bit of gold in our Christmas tree. CHristmas na dito a house ko. Punta kayo nila Sam and Sophie lol

march on... said...

Red and gold are really classy colors for Christmas :) Sige we'll visit you, mamamasko hehe :)

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