Friday, October 22, 2010

Kids' November Calendar

I found two interesting activities from to add to my kids' November calendar :

This is a play for kids of all ages. It's gonna be held at CCP Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (Little Theatre). For more details on the gist, click here
Back in high school, the very timid and insecure me was introduced to theater arts. I guess my mom practically pushed me to the performing arts because she knew how much I needed it. I used to stutter and shy away when facing a big crowd. Then I was hooked to theater. This medium has helped me develop my confidence, widened my perspective on life even as a teenager (from studying diff. characters) and gave the kind of maturity that helps me even until now. Although I still get scared during big office presentations but at least I learned a trick or two from theater on how to deal with this. Notice how much theater actors have so much passion and have strong personalities? Being in the arts does that for them. So I hope I can also convince Sophie or Sam to try performing arts that's why I'm thinking of introducing them to it at an early age.

Here's another nice go-to for the kids. Toy Story Toy Caravan at SM Malls :) Sophie and Sam love the series of Toy Story, I was even surprised that an 18month old laughs at the funny parts of this movie. Does he really understand the plot? Anyway, they have so many nice activities for kids. click here for details.

Have a happy and safe weekend everyone! :)


Chris said...

thanks for sharing these activities!

Tetcha said...

I haven't introduced my son to theater yet. I will soon if I feel he's ready to sit and behave inside the theater house for more than an hour.

march on... said...

@chris - you're welcome!

@tetcha - yeah, I guess that's the 1st challenge we have to face first :)

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