Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Food Share: Tempura Japanese Grill

I went out for lunch on a hot April 25 summer. Lately, I'm feeling a little out of my elements for one reason or another so I decided to have a happy lunch. Happy lunch is a term we use when we 1) don't like canteen food; 2) when it's payday and we can treat ourselves to sumptuous meal that's a little over lunch budget and 3) when work get really really stressful and we want to get away for an hour and enjoy our meal.

I have been craving for Japanese food for days and I remember a friend saying that Tempura Japanese Grill offers 50% off on their sushi, sashimi and maki at certain time of the day (2pm to 5pm and 9pm to 11pm, Monday to Sunday). 

When I got to their branch in T. Morato, the place was practically empty with just one table occupied. I got there a little around 3pm and I like that time of the day because restaurants are not anymore crowded and toxic. 

4 pcs. california maki, P45 (original price is P90). I love the generous serving of  japanese mayo in top
maguro, ika, ebi, tamago and kani make up mixed sashimi, around P100 (original price is P100)

They don't  have ika that day so they replaced it with tuna. They also don't have salmon that day so they can't serve my mixed sushi :( Why a Japanese food lacked so many main ingredients, I wonder? Didn't bother asking, I was just hungry. 
After a couple more order of these, it's time for coffee. Tempura Grill doesn't have coffee in their menu but the waiters can order for you in Dezaato Pan, their sister company located right beside them. 
It was a sure pick-me-up lunch for half off the price :)

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