Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sophie as Masters of Ceremony

When I read the programme for Sophie's culminating activity the night before the event, I didn't see her name in the opening prayer or any of the intermission number. The stage mom in me felt sad, baka hindi siya ganun ka bibo sa school kaya walang participation. But lo and behold, at the bottom of the program is her name and teacher Cat's:

Catherine *something* and Sophia Gabrielle Garcia 
Masters of Ceremony

Sophie is host, er, co host to teacher Cat! Well, whad'ya know?
Here are some pics of her very first hosting job. 

calling on the names of the students
receiving her certificate as well
with teacher Cat
proud graduate of reading readiness class
of course, mommy and daddy can't miss this event
'Daddy, stop! you're embarassing me.' Proud daddy doesn't care :0
Her voice was very soft during the stint. After the event, we all complimented her but I told her that her voice was like a whisper, we can't hear some of here words. 'Sumisigaw na nga ako eh', she said in defense. In fairness, um-effort naman pala ang bagets :0
Sophie wanted to bring her little brother to her event but with the summer heat, we decided not to bring the little boy.

*segue* What I wore to this event: remember the skirt in my Ukay Finds entry? I wore it as a tube dress here, braided bronze belt from Esprit, Old Navy denim polo, and brown wedge shoes from a cousin in Japan :)

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