Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pacquiao Fight

My In-laws, sister, nephew and friends all gathered together to celebrate Mother’s Day at home and, of course, to watch Pacquiao-Mosley on pay per view. Lunch was delayed because everyone was hooked on TV as Pacquiao came out from the dug out while Jimi Jamison of Survivor sang Eye of The Tiger. Nobody wanted to miss a punch, a hook or famous footworks of what the world considers as one of the greatest fighter to live (next to Ali and Robinson, that is).
The game went okay, congratulations again to Pacquiao for winning, well, such a hu-hum fight. Yes, it was rather uneventful, lacked the excitement and intensity that people expected of Pacquiao-Mosley fight. At first, we were blaming it on both fighters for being so ‘ nice’ to each other. My husband was even kidding that everytime Pacquiao puched Mosley on the face it came with an apology. *Punch* ‘Sorry bes (short for bestfriend)’, *hook* ‘bes, nasaktan ka ba?’.
At some point, you know that Pacquiao is holding off something. Is he scared of Mosley? Is he scared of ending the fight soon because organizers said to make it reach 12 rounds? Well, that's just me.
In the internet this morning, I read that Pacquiao was also disappointed by the fight: (gmanews.tv) “I was expecting him to fight with me at least five of the 12 rounds toe-to-toe," admitted the champion later. “That way we could test our power and stamina.” “But what could I do if my opponent doesn’t want to fight? It’s not my fault." 
So I guess Pacquiao did not fight an opponent who wouldn’t fight back. Again, as my last year’s observation on Pacquiao as a fighter, he has really turned into a gentleman fighter. It doesn’t bring excitement on the ring unlike Pacquiao’s fights when he was younger and reckless but because he won’t fight an unmatched fight, somehow you know that boxing for him is not about the money or the win, it’s also all about the character. That may make him more of a greater fighter than his predecessors.

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