Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Thank You Letter on Mother's Day

Dear Sophie and Sam,

This coming Sunday is the 5th year that I am celebrating Mother’s Day. I have to thank you both for making me a part of this celebration; it’s officially the most important day for me. Not even my birthday beats Mother’s Day.

You are the reason that my life has been such an adventure because of all the challenges I went through in trying to be good mom to both of you. I hope I am going the right track. Although I have more to learn, to develop, to change, I know that your love and your innocent smiles will always be my inspiration.

You are the reason that I know my life is more complete. Everyday you give me a reason to wake up with a positive outlook, with a smile on my face. Seeing you two beside me as I open my eyes in the morning is such a perfect moment for me. Sam, not a million dollar can buy those moments when you hug me or tug me because you always love it when I breathe down your neck when you sleep. Sophie, you don’t mind being cramped or sleeping in an awkward position, the important thing is that we sleep side by side.

You are the reason that I persevere. I promise that I will both give you a comfortable life, be a good provider, an inspiring mentor and a good listener. I cannot promise a grand life, a millionaire’s mansion but I promise to teach the value of living a happy and contented life in whatever situation. Of staying grounded and becoming a person who has compassion and humility and love in your hearts. Your father and I always wish that you will grow up well-rounded individuals. I will teach you these because I want to give back to you all the wonderful values you helped me realize and imbibe in my own life. I used to be selfish and unmindful of others around me. But having you in my life taught me all about caring for others, of generosity and empathy. Thank you for helping me have a heart that loves.

You are the reason that I am happy. Thank you because simple pleasures like sharing a donut, a simple walk around the village, a simple ‘Hi Mommy, love you Mommy’, a simple bear hug fills my heart with gladness. 

The thought of you both is overwhelming enough. I still cannot imagine how God is so good and made me your guardian.

You kids are really amazing. You kids are really gifts from God.


Soulful said...

that was so touching.. let me greet you Advanced Happy Mother's Day. May you enjoy the blessings of motherhood!

visiting from Soulful..

march on... said...

Happy Mother's Day too! God bless :)

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