Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why I Love Barney

This entry is my tribute to the greatest purple dinosaur ever lived. My kids are growing up and are going through withdrawal phase from Barney addiction. Simply put, the little girl has moved up to Barbie dvds while the little boy transitioned to Thomas and Friends and Elmo. Sam still watch Barney but he doesn't demand for Barney marathon anymore.

As a mom, Barney has helped me in a lot of things. Masasabi kong he's really a partner in life (sorry hubby, you're still my number one, hehe). The song I Love You helped put my two kids to sleep when they were babies. Recently, that song is in medley with Rock-A-Bye-Baby and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and still works, er, sometimes.
Okay, so now that they're older, the kids sometimes give me the look that says 'Mom, shut up. We can sleep by ourselves.' Nevertheless, I will still sing my kids to sleep until they're eighteen and realize that mommy is not a good singer pala haha! I love to tuck them to bed and sing to them, it just brings a certain solitude in my life after a day of chaos.

I actually found out Barney benefits after reading some local parenting magazines when I was pregnant with my first child. In one magazine, I read an interview with Maricel Laxa and she shared that singing the Barney brushing song to their kids helped them as parents to make this task easy. Another celebrity parent sings the Clean Up song when it's time to put away the toys. Until now, these two songs help me when I need my kids to do some things. Because I sing brushing song all the time, I end up singing it in my thoughts while I brush my own teeth. LSS (last song syndrome) to the max!

I love you Barney, I'm a fan! I have to confess that before we were parents my husband and I swore that we will strangle or trip you when we meet you in person, we were totally annoyed by you. But when we became parents, we understood why you are a hit to kids generation after generation. We love BJ and Baby Bop too!

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