Friday, May 27, 2011

The Little Boy is a Dragon (and a Frog, a Painter, a Metro Aid)

Sam is a lot of things these days: 
He is a frog who goes ribbit-ribbit as he hops

He is mommy's handy helper. He sweeps the house, the street, the garage. He cuts the grass, cleans the bathroom among other things. Lately, he shows interest in cooking like Ate.

He paints with Ate

He loves to kiss mommy :)

He, er, we are part of a choo choo train

His most fave character is the dragon. Lately we call him dragon because when he is in this character, he doesn't respond when called by his name. When he's called dragon he communicates with a roar or growl. What's amazing is that he can consistently stay in this character for hours, even eating like a dragon. He puts his plate on the floor and eats with his mouth only. 

He is a super talkative 2 yr-old with a temper of a someone going through menopausal period. When he refuses to eat or do a task, he makes himself stand in a corner even if not being told to do so. He seems to tell us, 'parusahan 'nyo na ako ngunit ako'y manindigan'. An activist at the age of 2?


Chris said...

:) nice post about your little boy!

march on... said...

Thanks Chris. Kakaiba talaga ang little boys haha :)

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