Thursday, May 26, 2011

Food Share: Empanada Ti Ilocos

A new discovery that's truly yummy! Authentic Ilocos empanada along Sct. Rallos, near 11th Jamboree St. When looking for this place, don't expect a resto as the place is just a kiosk much like the setup of our turo-turo carinderia. 
Just a tarp and that's it
Empanada is consist of green papaya, egg and longganisa Ilocos. I asked why the dough is orange and found out it was the achuete that gives the color.
after folding the flattened dough, he trimmed the  sides with the corner of a plate
down it goes into this hot oil
the place is basically equipped with a table for the ingredients, a kawali and gasul tank.
They also have a couple of table and chairs for those who want to munch al fresco.
Best served with sukang Ilocos! Yum for just P40 each! :)


NatureFootstep said...

it sounds good. :)

march on... said...

hi naturefootstep :0 yes, it sounds and tastes good :)

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