Monday, May 23, 2011

Fashion: Ukay Finds

Got all these stuff at an ukay store in Fairview Center Mall.
black and white shirt, P80. cute right?
 close up of the kikay design
full length gauze skirt with lace patterns
pretty patterns and lace quality, that's why I bought it. P80.00
cotton vest with lace patterns, pretty and girly. yep, P80 too
shimmer silver shirt, still P80

Not in photo, black cordoroy knee-length skirt. I happily went home with my ukay finds. I got these stuff the same day I found out I had kidney stone so this was like a cheap thrill for me. When I got home, I got a basin and personally washed the clothes, soaked them in hot water with laundry disinfectant, rinsed and soaked in fabric conditioner after. The thing with ukay finds, you have to soak them in Lysol and hot water just to make sure their bacteria-free.  


kim said...

hmmm.. nice find!

march on... said...

thanks Kim! the skirt can be made into a dress :0

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