Monday, May 2, 2011

School Ready

 It's May and I guess I'm super excited and worried for next month which is the official start of school year. I'm gonna be officially a mom of a school girl. I have been asking moms and teachers what exact day does school start and I'm not sure how many times I've asked Sophie's teacher the things I need to buy for school. Excited much? Haha!

I'm excited for that moment when I buy Sophie her essentials for school and for picking out her school shoes (particular talaga sa shoes? hehe).
Actually, since April she has been enrolled in a summer class in order to prepare her for kinder. As advised by the school owner/teacher, we enrolled her in reading readiness class which basically introduces her to writing and reading taught in a progressive setting. I have shared in my post that reading readiness helps her prepare for kinder and aims to make her be at par with her classmates who went to nursery. This year is her first time in school and the summer program will also introduce school to a first timer. I have been teaching her reading and writing since she was 1 1/2 or 2 years of age but I believe that when it comes to making her properly ready for school, I'd rather leave it to the experts.

On her first day in summer class, she chose her chair (a pretty yellow wooden chair) and asked me and yaya to leave the classroom already. Before I could reach the classroom door, she called me. I turned with a fear that she might have had a change of heart and decided she doesn't want us to go to school after all. She stood from her chair and came to me and said, 'Mommy, kiss.Bye.' Okay, so she's really ready for school. Even the teachers attested to that. She never cried, asked for her mommy even if her other classmates do. The yaya even reported that Sophie refused help during recess. Haay, my daughter's all grown up (sniff*). She went home with two stars stamped on her hand and she called her lolos and lolas to tell about her achievement :)

What's another nice thing about having a school kid at home is that she also teaches her younger brother the things she learned in school. During review time at home, Sam listens and absorbs the things we review and learns them as well. He now counts up to 20 (garbled lang muna) and sings his ABC (in a version that's somewhat comprehensible but it's the thought that counts).

Kids are really amazing. 

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