Friday, July 29, 2011

Mommy Moments - Family Trips

Mom and Dad being lakwatseros by nature, we make it a point to regularly travel even after marriage. We bring the kids (if possible) to different places we as we want them appreciate our motherland and see and experience the beauty of nature firsthand. Here are a few of our trips. When they're old enough to appreciate travel by plane, we want to bring them to the Visayas and Mindanao regions :)

mommy moments

This is Sophie's first out of town trip- to Caliraya, Quezon

This is Sam's first trip to Baguio. 

 Experienced being Igorot for a few minutes, wearing their hand-woven outfits and carrying their spears 

Standing by an Aeta statue in Zoobic Safari

Enjoying the beauty of Tanay, Rizal 


Vhen said...

wow, daming trip ha, kakainggit nman! hehehe!

happy MM!

hope you can stop by also, thanks!

kwinsiagnes said...

keep on travelling whenever possible... it one way to bond with the family...enjoy your trips!

here’s my entry for this week … drop by soon!

Mrs. M said...

It's fun to travel as a family, right? I've been to Baguio but didn't have the chance to pose with the Igorot traditional dress.

Thanks for sharing your photos.

Have a great weekend.

Tetcha said...

Family trips are really great bonding moments. Not only are they entertaining and relaxing, they can also be educational for the kids. Thanks for the visit!

Since you love cookbooks, I'm also giving away free copies of e-cookbook tomorrow in my Delight My Appetite blog. Wait for my post:

Pinx said...

i love the photo where your kids are wearing Igorot outfit... i wish to bring my family to Bagiuo too, well, one of these days...was here for late MM visit.

Rcel said...

Great photos, sis! Ako naman, I wanna explore Luzon with my family someday. Kasi from Mindanao kami and we're pretty much familiar of the places in Mindanao na rin. :) If one day you'll fly to Mindanao, choose Cagayan de Oro City and experience what our city offers. Sana din, I am there na so I can tour you around! :)

Visiting late for MM sharing my 8 STATES IN ONE TRIP moment! Thanks and I hope to see you! :)

march on... said...

@ vhen and kwinsiagnes - thanks!

@Mrs. M and Pinx- when you come visit next time try it, it's a nice photo souvenir. Have a picture taken also with the pink horse and the St. Bernard :)

@ Tetcha - will drop by you blog giveaway. Tnx :)

@ Rcel - si husband been to CDO na ang sarap daw ng food! I went as far as Davao pa lang but will look you up in CDO when I visit :)

carinamodella said...

travelling is fun...lovely photos!
visiting from mommmy moments :)

Chris said...

i also want to take my kids to visayas and mindanao someday...

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