Thursday, July 21, 2011

GT - Birthday Wish

It's GT day! Today topic is birthday wishes and... I think I reached a dead spot here.
Can't think of any wish I made for myself on my birthday(s). It's usually for the kids and for my family- that they remain safe, healthy and happy.
Well, I guess it's time to make my very late birthday wish given this opportunity. A very nice convection or a conventional oven with burners would be a nice gift. I can finally try out those medium to difficult recipes. I also wish for a DSLR camera so I can take lovely pictures especially when our plan for a major road trip transpires.
There, I have more in mind but it can wait until my next birthday, hehe. I never realized how many wishes I have until now :) 


Fundamental Learning Academy for Girls said...

following you from spanish pinay! love to read about moms back home.. hope you follow us as well

Mommy Jes said...

aw SLR..i got mine last year ng bday ko...request ko kay hubby and yun ang best gift ko ever :P

Wena said...

I guess, there are a couple of moms wishing for cameras. may all your wishes come true!

f e R r y j H o i said...

who wouldn't wish to have a dslr camera!! hihi
>. you love to cook din Sis!! ay naku ako din weakness ko yan!!! kaso simple recipes lang ang alam ko!!

>> sana mag karon kana na oven, tapos post mo, then i'll do it with my own!!!

nancy said...

Wee, I have been wanting a DSLR too pero saka na pag di ko na mapakinabangan yung Kodak camera ko.

Anyway, a little of the topic. Just in case you're interested sis, I am recently hosting a domain giveaway here:

Hope you can find time to check it out when you get the chance. Thanks!

jellybelly said...

Reading about all your birthday wishes is adding to my own :) I want a camera too for better pics to post on my blog.

The Twerp and I

bev of momsicle said...

wishing and hoping your wish will come true. Visiting from GT...

anne said...

lol we have the same wish a dslr camera. I hope someone will hear us hehehe thanks for dropping by
Anne’s Sweet Life
SAHM’s Online Diary

Selina said...

keep wishing... nice one.. mine is here

march on... said...

@ FLAG- promise to visit you soon :0
@ Mommy Jes - inggit ako. sweet ni hubby :)
@ferryjhoi - visited you back. promise, i'll post all my experiments here kapag may oven na :)
@ wena, bec and selina - thanks!
@ nancy, jellybelly and anne - sana this year we get our wishes come true!

Lucia ♥ said...

Looks like a lot of us GT ladies secretly wish for a DSLR :D No wonder right? :) Hope your wish will come true!

Beauty Queen Gene said...

a camera is i think the most wished for material thing by bloggers since we all use it a lot ^^

hope you get your wishes :D

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