Monday, July 4, 2011

Our Early Christmas Experience

One fine morning, as Sophie walked sleepily to the bathroom for her morning wee, she noticed 4 big boxes quietly sitting beside the TV rack. She drew her tangled hair away from her eyes so she can see better. Lo and behold! A box with pink drawings and writings. Then and there she knew, that box was for her :) 

A kitchen set with lights and sound

While the little boy got a house of balls that will last him a lifetime and he couldn't be happier :)

Daddy assembled the kitchen for her princess

 Here is mommy's gift, a food warmer perfect for house parties and get together. LOVE IT!

Not in photo, daddy's gift which is a safety deposit box (for his comics?) hehe.

Thanks to Tito Simon and Tita Suzanne for the pasalubong! They're superb! We love you and we'll miss you. Always be safe :)

That same day, another gift came from the mail, FREE Drypers! Thanks Mom Circle and, of course, Drypers.

What a really blessed day that was :)

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