Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sorry about this post but I'm feeling a bit low again. I feel like I need to be somewhere else right now. No, not in another shoe sale. That last one gave me a very short-lived happiness.
I will not try to expound too much. Just feel like I need a looong break from everything and everyone.

Anyway, just an update from this last Post. Before actually deciding on what course to take (Shockwave or medication), I took another advice from a different Urologist in a different hospital. Since my ultrasound was a month old, he told he to have another KUB ultrasound and I did just that. Turned out, the stone was bigger on this new ultrasound. However, according to my new doctor, the stone is too small for a shockwave treatmeant. he also does not advice it at this point since it has an effect on the kidney (the pounding and pressure that the treatment that is). He gave me a medication called URAL which is supposed to help breakdown the stones and hopefully those tiny bits will go pass my body with my wee wee. He recommended the powder form of URAL instead of capsules as the former is more effective. I need to take it 3 times a day for a month. I'm down to my last 1 1/2 weeks of the taking medicine which is like salt water by the way. After which, I'm back to the ultrasound guys to see if there's any improvement. Here's to hoping that my kidney gets clear of those bothersome stones. That will surely give me a nice lift in the spirits.
My only happy thought, I can still eat grapes. I still need to avoid coffee, chocolates, strawberries, peanuts and spinach, rhubarb though.

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Spanish Pinay said...

Sorry to hear about this. But I'm pretty sure things will turn out positive. Drink pleny of buko juice too! :)

I've known people with similar cases and the medication gave them good results. Just keep the faith!

I hope your feeling better now.

Spanish Pinay

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