Monday, July 18, 2011

Insurance Policy Renewal

Last month I received several email reminders from the bank for renewal of our policies for our home and car. This is our second year to receive notices and although all payments are due September this year pa, husband and I are already preparing the finances as early as last month so that it will not be stressful come deadline.
That's just me, I hate stress I hate rushing through deadlines. I don't like to 'beat the deadline' because it's just really a waste of energy and brain cells. Why rush when you have the power to accomplish things early, di ba?

Anyway, since our house is under mortgage, we have to renew the following:
Fire and Lightning Insurance - that's self explanatory
Mortgage Redemption Insurance - for the benefit of those who heard this the first time, this insurance mainly covers the remaining balance of the loan in case the mortgagor dies (God forbids).

By next month, we are also renewing the car insurance. Some tip for those with car insurance, you can request for installment options from your insurance company when you think one time payment weighs too much. Ours offers this, installment for 3 consecutive months. Also, it is wise to include Acts of God in your insurance. I believe this is important especially since we have been experiencing flash floods and strong typhoons for years now and you can see cars washed away or fly around during these calamities.

Husband and I has a theme song for 2 years now, 'Wake me up when September ends'. Pwede bang gumising na lang kami kapag tapos na ang mga kautangan!? Oh well, may kasabihang bago (or luma na ba?), This too shall pass...

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