Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Transformers Dark of the Moon

Last night, husband and I watched a last full show of Transformers 3 with an expectation that it may disappoint. I have read and heard bad reviews of the movie and usually if I hear so much bad review, I don't watch the movie anymore. It's different for Transformers, though. Growing up with these amazing machines on the tube makes all the difference. So there we were, sitting through the movie for almost 3 hours; laughed a little, got scared a little and amused by the reaction of the viewers.
All I can say is it did not disappoint me at all. Maybe at some point it became a bit of drag. But in general, I will always love watching Bee and Prime on the big screen doing what they do best - be a great warrior and hero. Ika nga ni husband, don't expect to see an Oscar entry with amazing plot and storyline. Tama! This is an action movie so I watched it expecting flawlessly executed and jaw-dropping special effects and stunts and that exactly what I got. Let's leave the butt and other cheesy shots to the director, that's his trademark, what can you do?
I guess working in a post house and knowing how much eye for detail and intense creativity it entails to create something like that makes all the difference on how I appreciate the film. Something like the Transformers is my dream project :)


carinamodella said...

we actually have a same topic today :) i haven't watched it yet but looking forward to see it myself :)

march on... said...

yes, you should see it yourself and see what you think of the movie. update me us okay? :)

*MrsMartinez* said...


Nanuod din kami kagabi! haha


march on... said...

well, what do you think? nag-enjoy ka ba? :) sa akin, over all it was okay...

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