Monday, July 4, 2011

Home Improvement - Wall Art

I have so many backlog entries to share here. Been busy and feeling kinda low the past weeks but I hope the next few days and weeks will be a lot better :0 I'm happy to say that today is a better day :)

Anyway, I'm sharing with you one of the home improvements I did at home. I couldn't find decals and wall stickers that fit my budget or fit my style so I decided to make them myself. The walls have been somewhat bare (with white paint and all) so one weekend I borrowed my daughter's watercolor tubes and made these. 
Yup, just watercolor so anytime I feel like changing them, they're easy to erase :0 Right now, as long as they don't get wet, they're mighty fine. So if you plan to paint your wall using watercolor, just make sure you put them in a spot that doesn't get wet or moist easily. 
Sophie was more than happy to lend me her tubes because she loves to paint too and was excited for these. These designs are freestyle and eventually Sophie said, "hey mom those are 2 'S', for Sophie and Sam." 
I couldn't agree more :)

While these represent the 4 of us :)

Have a great week ahead! :)

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