Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Squid and Anchovy for Snack?

Why not? 

We have the spicy squid wrapped in clear plastics the size of my middle finger sold in groceries, wet market and sari-sari stores for P10-15 (last I remember). Di ba nakakatakam yung dilis at squid na yun kahit na hindi ko mapagtanto bakit mapula and coating.
The Seakid's version is the upscale version of that. They come in doypacks and really crispy. I'm particularly addicted to the Teriyaki style squid and anchovy. It's just super sarap, I can finish two packs in one sitting. 
I actually used to hide this pack from my yayas because they are also fond of dilis but now I'm a good girl and share this with them. Even Sam loves this (told you, my kids are not picky eaters) 

Each pack costs about P50-60 (although it was way cheaper a few months ago) and available in any grocery store. They also have the spicy variants.


Spanish Pinay said...

Nagdapa ako nyan dito when we last visited there :-D Fave ko din yan... although mahal sya ha... even compared to other chichirya dito hehe. kurips lang po.

Spanish Pinay

march on... said...

Yes, mas mahal na ngayon. I used to buy 2-3 pack per visit to the grocery. LAst week, 1 lang nabili ko :( But its really so good! :)

lotusleaf said...

Looks tempting!

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