Thursday, July 7, 2011

Melissa: Jelly Shoes with the Candy Scent

These cutesies definitely lifted my spirits! Got myself new pairs of Melissa shoes on sale here at work :0 
I haven't tried jelly shoes and these are my first (and second hehe) pair of jelly shoes. Melissa is a brand from Brazil.
I must agree they're comfy although some say they're not advisable to wear on really hot weather (mainit sa paa). Buti na lang rainy season na. This morning I brought (yes, bitbit ko lang kasi I usually change shoes sa parking na) the pink pair to work and while in the car I can smell the candy scent from inside the plastic bag. I let husband smell it (he thinks it's too expensive for a pair of shoes kasi goma lang). 

Husband: 'hmm, oo nga mabango.' 
Me: 'O di ba! Ako naman. Hmmm, nakaka-adik. O ikaw naman...'
Husband : giving me the weird look
Me: session na 'to. O hithit ka na!

Trip lang sa gitna ng Edsa traffic!

 Ang solusyon sa ulan at baha sa Metro Manila, bota na may velcro!

Whatchathink of jelly shoes?
Another nice thought about this purchase is that proceeds will go to the Kapuso School Development (KSD) kids. Fashion and charity came hand in hand :)


*MrsMartinez* said...

Janaki I want Melissa too! How much discount? Meron pa ba up to now? And pwede ba outsiders mag buy?

march on... said...

meron pa pero konti na lang. last day today until 8pm. sa mga employees pa lang halos naubos na :)

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