Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Field Trip to Cartimar Shopping Plaza

Cartimar is one of my fave place to go to especially since a kitchen supply shop opened there. The place is filled with so many interesting shops. Lately, it experienced a rebirth with the opening of Shopwise and its ongoing facelift. Also, people are into biking nowadays and Cartimar is a good place to shop for bikes whether its Japanese bikes or custom-made rides.
Last Saturday, hubby, sister and I went to Cartimar as this is walking distance from my parents' house. We were just supposed to stroll around lang but I ended up buying these goodies from MK Kitchen Equipment:

Mickey Mouse baking pans(small). Sophie is excited to use these for her cakes :)

 stainless steel airtight jars in candy-colored coating (small is P110, tall is P165). Cutesies!

 Solingen knife (P110). Such a steal!

I also went looking for a pan cover to replace mine that broke but wasn't able to find the right size. But I found a stainless steel kitchen table that I've been day dreaming since! Need to save for that beauty...

We also bought fish bowl and kit for the fishes that my dad gave the kids and found these interesting creatures along the pet section :
guess what are these...bunch of worms!

glass fishes, amazing right? I thought they were dilis (anchovies) hehe 

Bought also a set of these plants, based on the website this is called a croton plant. What do you think this is called here? The color of the leaves are so bright! Experts say, to reduce water consumption in caring for your garden choose plants that are sturdy, brightly colored like flowers so they're not much work like some flowering plants. This plant will do just that. I also found out that this type of plant can be poisonous (the sap, that is) so best to let the children steer clear of these plants.

Oh, and hubby was able to buy a new pair of Nike shoes too. Imagine, a stroll turned into a shopping spree! Haha! Just make sure to look for the Authorized (shoe brand) Dealer sign when you want to buy original shoes from Cartimar. 


ksdoolittle said...

I love to roam around this kind of store!

*MrsMartinez* said...

Di pa ako nakakbalik sa Cartimar waaaaaaaaaah

march on... said...

@ksdoolittle - yes really interesting finds around the area. it's like a flea market area :0

@ che- new look na ngayon ang cartimar pero andun pa rin ang shoe shops, winter jackets, bike shops, plant and pet shops :)

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