Thursday, July 7, 2011

GT - What's Up on March 19?


- Amazing coincidence ang 1863 and 1965 incidents, noh?

- I saw familiar names like Glenn Close and Wyatt Earp on the site. 
- me :)

My Trivia:
- I was born on a sunny afternoon of March 19, St. Joseph's Day. My mom said, nasa cab pa lang siya halos lalabas na ako kaya when she got to the hospital I popped out immediately. Coincidentally, the OB Gyne who facilitated my mom's delivery was celebrating her birthday that day too and requested that I be named after her, her name is Josephine (named after St. Joseph). However, a monk friend of mom already had a name for me which is Janaki (Indian name for Goddess of wisdom, naks!). My mom made a promise to the doctor na lang that I will be nicknamed Josie. Kaya malayo ang nickname ko sa real name ko hehe. 

My share for this week's GT:


lyzacruz88 said...

such interesting and fun facts, sis!

Shawie Girl said...

hi there!guess what? kabertdey mo ang husband ko!He's also named Joseph, coincidentally it's also their place's town fiesta(he hails from Cavite). thanks a lot for sharing, and ohh! Wyatt Earp is also your birthmate! have a really great day!

march on... said...

@lyzacruz88 - thanks!

@shawie girl - wow galing! im sure mabait din siya like me hehe :)

Claire said...

nice personal trivia about you and your birthday! thank you for the visit.

jared's mum said...

good to know this fun + exciting trivia about our birthdays right :)
here' my mumwwrites

*MrsMartinez* said...

I didn't know that your nickname is Josie hahaha

Beauty Queen Gene said...

that's a great trivia about your birthday (and your nickname as well) hee hee. and the coincidence of the 1863 and 1965 events floored me!

march on... said...

@ claire and jared's mum- thanks!

@ che - not so proud of the nickname actually, hehe. di bagay sa akin :)

@ beauty queen gene - talk about coincidence, right? :)

freelancer24kha said...

OO nga ang gaing nga ng 1863 and 1965 event. cool!..
I enjoyed trivias here..
Happy GT.. Late posting and visiting..mine is up here

I am your newest follower here.. yey!.. hope you can follow me too.. Thanks a lot..mwuah

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