Monday, July 11, 2011

The Little School Girl...

is sooo excited to go to school everyday! She's excited about her new school, her new uniform, her new bag and her new classmates :) She can't get enough of herself moving up to be a school girl. Her school starts at 11am pero 10am pa lang reading ready na, suot na ang backpack, waiting for her school bus. Excited much? Haha :)
When she gets a star or an apple stamp from teacher, she makes sure its intact until mommy and daddy got home and see it with their very own eyes. She loves it when our eyes sparkle and we give her a big hug for her good work.
Last Thursday, she got an 'outstanding effort' stamp.

Me: Wow! Why did teacher Cat give you that?
Sophie: Kasi mommy si Celine little teacher tapos sabi ko kay teacher Cat ako ang Line leader. Then I put my name on the orange circle. Kaya ako may stamp.
Me: Ahhh, okay. Very good! (parang naintindihan ko naman...)

disclaimer: the poses are totally her idea, i have nothing to do with it :)

Heto ang mas malupit. Sam got a star, too, kahit hindi naman siya student sa school. He came to visit Ate Sophie last Friday in school, mingled with the teachers, named all the animals, shapes and colors in Ate's classroom. The teachers were so amused by him they gave him a 'super star' stamp.

 They said he's ready for school. Naah, he's only 2 and he's still my kulitog baby. Besides, I can teach him all the things in nursery so no school for him for now.

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