Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Look and the Kiss

In the car last Sunday, Stephen and I were talking about kids.
Just a backgrounder, (please bear with me, this is important) officemate shared the story of his daughter’s 'alleged' crush on her playmate. The dad told us of his little girl's blushing moments every time the boy’s name comes up. I was so amused by this story that I was sharing it to husband in the car and eventually ended up retelling Sophie’s own adventure with boys from school.
Anyway, I got so much into the chit chat that I forgot the little girl in the backseat. As suspected, she has stopped playing and was listening intently to our conversation. I turned to her and there she was with her very conspicuous look. The look that tells you ‘Okay, I’m pretending not to be listening but I hear everything you say so stop talking about me.’
Yes, she has that look and you can tell it when the head just becomes stiff (the head will stop moving the moment she hears her name), only the eyeballs are moving towards the direction of the storyteller (that’s me). If only her eyeballs can turn 360degrees, it would. 
I always forget that she is very keen when the topic is her. Sometimes I know she likes it, sometimes she gets embarrassed.

Anyway, on the topic of crushes, I can't believe kids as young as 3-4 years already know all about crushes? Kalurkey! Sophie's schoolmate kissed her on the cheek while in class! Here's the story:

S:    Mommy, si Adrian ki-niss ako
Me: Huh? Saan?
S:    Sa cheeks. Si Adrian talaga oh! (plus sheepish smile)
Me (in my mind): What the!? 
      (out loud):     anong sabi ng teacher? Di ba bad yung kiniss ka nya?
S:    Oo nga, kinausap naman siya ni Teacher eh.
Me: Okay. Tell Adrian don't kiss you. Daddy will get mad.
S:    Mommy, don't tell daddy okay? 
Me: (in my mind): What the &*^% !
       (out loud): Uhmm, Why? 
S:    Kasi magagalit siya eh. 
Me: Eh, it's not nice kasi. I eventually told the dad. 

At some point when I heard the story, I panicked but try not to show it to the little girl. I'd like to believe that it's just a part of them becoming curious and knowing that a boy is different from a girl. It's this part when they already have an understanding of the concept of pretty and cute and finding them nice. I tried not to make too much fuss of it since they're just kids and was already given a good piece of advice. As for the dad, well don't get me started on the dad's reaction. Sophie is daddy's little girl. Need I say more? :)


carinamodella said...

i think it is just normal to have crushes but it is also important to impart them its limitations.

*MrsMartinez* said...

Mana un inaanak ko sa akin hahahaha Maganda at cute lol


march on... said...

@ carinamodella - yes, i don't think they really grasp the real meaning of that. Cute pa right na but important nga na alam nila it's not recommended for toddlers :0

@ che - oo nga eh, kikay na kikay. by the way, the Barbie bag you gave is her fave of all. Tnx :)

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