Monday, July 11, 2011

Enchanted Kingdom Through the Years

 I don't know how many years our company have spent Family Day in Enchanted Kingdom but every year it's a different experience for me.
The first year it was just Stephen and I with Sophie barely a year old then. The next year, we came with Sophie and two years after it was with Sophie and Sam already although Sam was still a baby then.

Sophie, a year in between in EK. Taken by an officemate.

I think this year is the most exciting EK Family Day for me since I know that both kids are big enough to enjoy some rides and games :0 Good thing EK Family day is free for all regular employees of our company and 3 of its dependents (with wizard money too for meals and souvenirs).

So, what rides can kids enjoy? First off, both kids' height were measured at the entrance and we were given waivers indicating which ride they can enjoy based on their age and height. So here are the rides that Sophie and Sam enjoyed:

Ooops bago ang lahat, family pic muna with Wizard :)

And by the fountain. The little girl is a ballerina these days, thus, the pose.

 Taon taon na lang may picture kami sa unggoy na 'to.

Kids can ride the swan all they like just as long as they're accompanied by adults

And they have life vests during the ride

Ang adults pwedeng wala nang life vest since the lake is just 3 feet tall.

they can use this enclosed playground for 10 minutes per session. Si Stephen kamuntik na ma-heart attack kasi first time ni Sam maglaro na unattended by yaya (no adults allowed inside).

Sophie then became Sam's guardian, always asked to follow Sam wherever he went

Play on the slide at Boulderville :0

 Their fave, the train! This is always first in the itinerary (Sophie won the flower from a game. She also won a mini whale for Sam)

And the carousel :0

Ah eh, ako rin pala enjoy sa carousel hehe

they also got to ride this on their own. Ako naman ang na-heart attack dito! Hindi din pwede sumama ang adult :( Buti na lang behave ang 2 bagets.

While Sophie, Stephen and I went to check out Realto, Sam enjoyed strolling around since he's not yet allowed inside. Happy Feet was on at Realto but Sophie didn't enjoy it much, too loud daw.

Sophie can also ride the Wheel Of Fate as well as the Rio Grande (my fave ride, by the way)

Adults can check out this track and be a race car driver for a few minutes.

All geared up and ready to go!

Unfortunately, the carts were too small for Stephen (ang claim niya maiksi for him, yeah right) so I decided not to push through anymore too. We always go together (excuse for being scared to ride alone).

Here's one of my fave photo during our EK day.

Kids are restricted from riding some rides as safety precaution. If you plan to bring them there, better check out first as it may be unwise to buy them regular day pass ticket which cost P400 (weekday) or P500 (weekend). A Carousel Ticket or Junior Day Pass could be your best deal for kids.

EK Family Day: June 11, 2011

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