Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Love to Read... Medicine Info Leaflets

Are you one of those moms who read that leaflet included inside a box of medicine? I do.

Although I don't understand probably half of it, I still read it from start to finish and see if there are any contraindications that I should be aware of and the doctor forgot to mention.
My husband always tells me not to play doctor but I guess I'm just stubborn. Actually, personally I'm the kind na kung kaya pa ang pain, I don't take any meds. I have high tolerance for pain so if I have headache or allergic rhinitis attack, I will sleep it through if possible. Tiis ganda just so I don't have to take those chemicals called meds. I believe anything not natural has a side effect. Praning much?
Of course, I don't deduct the fact that we still need medicine especially for ailments that really requires it. Like just last week, Sophie had kuliti (sty) and she looked like she had a fight with Pacquiao. Her left eye was really swollen (but still refuse to be absent from school, baka hanapin daw siya ng teacher niya). We brought her to the doctor and was prescribed an antibiotic drops for the eye. The sty was caused by bacteria that entered the eye (my number one suspect are the colored chalks she just can't get enough of).
Before I actually administered the meds on my girl, I read the leaflet just to make sure it's generally safe for kids. Thank goodness no side effect that's worrisome.

It's her 6th day today with the antibiotics and tomorrow we are scheduled for a follow up check up.

The little girl has learned her lesson well. No more scratching the eyes, nose or ears when hands are dirty. And yes, even a cute pink-colored chalk is dirty.
Good thing the little girl is very independent and responsible. I never realized how much she paid attention while I cleaned her eyes the first time until the yaya reported the the following day, Sophie cleaned her eyes herself while mommy is at work.


*MrsMartinez* said...

Ganyan din ang drama ng beauty ko! Nagbabasa ng mga leaflets lol

march on... said...

Haha! Friend nga kita. Kahit hindi naman maintidihan yung mga terms and jargons, basa pa rin :)

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